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Colleen Carmean
If you asked me what I came here to do, I would tell you I came to live out loud.
-Emile Zola


NSF and Civitas Learning in one week. Tech Knowledge Society presentation a few weeks later. My head is full.

January 2015!
Is it too silly to say happy, joyous and wonder-filled year?

Best/worst: trip to Buck Lake to celebrate Claudia Gorbman's retirement. I will miss you deeply dear friend.

Best parts: my pal Rikki visiting from Austin. And WCET is in Portland.

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Welcome. Greetings. Bienvenue! Hola!<Enter here>

So glad you found me, however you arrived (sent, lost, wandered or 'the Google'). We travel such eclectic paths to wind up where we're going these digital days--but wherever you go, there you are, as Buddhists say. So here I am!

If your life is like mine, you seek knowledge and meaning constantly and want it quickly. It's no longer what each of us know that defines the elusive 'smart'-- it's that we can find what we need to know when we need it. Just in time knowledge!

If you're seeking more social or negotiated knowledge, please tweet, Skype, HangOut, visit my blog or FB. I love information, but have little time to linger over static pages to record the few things I have learned to be true. Plus, I've lost faith that truth today is what I'll believe tomorrow. Most of my thoughts will soon be wrong, obsolete or insensible to defend, so what is written here is time-specific artifacts of record.

I suppose I still have a few fixed opinions that are rant-worthy, but I've learned from social media that I'm not a consistent recorder. I'd like to study why that might be. In another lifetime, mere moments away, I could become a digital extrovert; I could become consistent and pattern-driven; it could happen. But till then I'm quietly here... and I know you're out there somewhere. Please connect if you need/miss me or have an opinion, question, rant or collaboration idea to share.